Dream in Code – Continues.

This time in this dream; I found myself thinking of states of an object and how these states can change the options or what function is called depending on the state. Some examples showed themselves in the dream. One such example is when the dream machinima was changing the state of an object. Whereby in the dream with one state a light was on and in the other state the light was off. Also this was represented by different actions and how each action was working towards another objective.


Dream in Code … Sort Of.

When I awoke; I realized that in my dream state, I had a chance to think in code, it was an odd thing but it was a reason why from the night before I had played WoW (World of Warcraft) till much to late but it was also the last thought in my mind of macros and how you could code the program to use those external scripts.
It is this fact alone that helps me remember that in actuality your dreams are often the expansion of your last thoughts of the night before. It is a funny thing when I consider that this semester the focus has been on java-script and less about semantics such as business or English, even philosophy. Yet these are also the base subjects for college yet they also tend to align a bit differently when you consider dreams. Though even those dreams can become novels or become the next great book of thought for the future generations.

1st Dream in a Long time …

Main Points Summary;

In this dream some Main points stand out,  like the focus on a girl who seems obsessed with a Tacoma that had been impounded in Seaside months back.  The girl was medium height with long brown hair and seemed to be a bit of an exhibitionist. In the start though I  met her at random.  Initially she showed me an earring or something and wanted to Pierce her right nipple to put it on.  Oddly once she wanted that,  some guy showed up and did it right in front of me and I touched them once he was done. She had this shift that had an open stop over the right areola only covered with a velcro strip so she could show off her new piercing. We had walked to a house where in the dream I apparently lived with a series of others. some were odd, others were offputting. There was a little pond, or lake just outside that had a small waterfall that was always running. In this house I met many old friends and a few new ones. Since it was apparently a shared house this made it particularly interesting.

Expanded Thoughts;

     From the get go this dream took place in a similar fashion as those before in putting me in the role of the protagonist, or at the very least the main character in the dream. This dream brought me into what seemed like a familiar environment or at least a place I have visited many times before. The difference this time is it seemed like it was occupied by quite a variety of people. The particularly odd thing was it was also like a travel back in time. Since those who were in it had come from my previous experience in life. A life expanding back as far as my high school days and the times in between yet it was also mainly those I knew personally or had shared experience with. This was what made this particular dream more unique then those I have had before. That and having this girl along for the journey; as it seemed she would only want to be a part of it as she never really left my side throughout the dream almost as if she was playing the role of the muse or the person who would keep me on track aligning with a primary objective that seemed to be in this instance getting the tacoma back.  This was an odd twist to the dream but in a way perhaps it was a latent want deep in my subconscious mind or simply an interesting coincidence. Whichever it was it indeed makes the overall dream pretty intuitive.
To start this experience in dream and in thought, it begins with me meeting this random girl and where I don’t even remember at the moment but it was interesting nonetheless. After meeting this girl the dream seemed to expand from there, first establishing the kind of person she was and what her objective was and how by some coincidence we found each other. To add to that; the relationship moved forward quickly as next I remember bringing her to the home I thought was my own to help her see what could be our home or at least the roof over our heads at that time. First I took her to the first room which seemed to be the master suite where we saw two girls and one other person who seemed more standoffish then anything else. Who they were I cannot recall immediately at this time but I do remember they did exist for a reason. They seemed less personable; so there was not much of a story when we meet them together instead we moved into the next room. Though it did seem that was one of the times that  I was alone and in this room I saw someone I remembered from the old restaurant, the chinese pavilion in salinas which is no longer in business. She was a hostess at the time when I first met her at the restaurant I used to work at. Coming from China she did not speak much english but she did her job well  far as anyone was concerned. Even with the inability to speak English at one point we had something like a relationship, or at least I met her at subway and Northridge and was feeling her up on a corner table and one night I went to the place she was staying and could of done so much more but decided not to since instead I wanted her to join me going to a motel so as not to distract from those who were already asleep in the house. Even then I was feeling her up and she had a chance to feel my dick but it never went beyond the petting. Now I see her in this house in another room with what looked like a foot or something that she seemed to be having relations with. It was an odd scene to say the least; It was at this point that foot or whatever it was decided to mouth off to me and I threatened with defecating on it and throwing it out and then walked out moving on to the next room where it seemed the girl joined me again.
Thinking the next room might be empty I entered in and immediately could hear the waterfall just outside since this room was the closest to that sound. It was an interesting stimuli just hearing the water fall in its constant movement so it took me a minute to realize the room was not actually empty. In fact in this room was my old friend from years ago Augustine, and he was writing or something in the room. I walked in and he looked up but did not say much. Oddly I immediately recognized him and then asked if he had a particular piece of jewelry; as at this point the girl who was with me had not pierced her nipple yet. Seeming to understand what I am looking for Augustine brought out what looked like a long and thin box which as I found out contained cufflinks that are usually used for tux shirts.  Seeing that my first thought was that it was some of his old dress cufflinks and I commented on that but he continued not to say much. It was if I knew it was him but talking seemed to be unnecessary. So the only real sound I heard was the waterfall and I did comment that he chose probably the best room being so close to the waterfall for that ambiance that made it the ideal environment for creative expression which as I recalled he was always the one who seemed most likely to become the writer. Eventually he pulled out the perfect piece to place on her areola and seemingly out of thin air this guy who knew piercing appeared and lifted up her shirt and pierced the nipple and placing the accoutrement on that now pierced nipple. It actually worked very well for her seemed like it was just the piece to work with her attired and her clearly exhibitionistic attitude.
     As we left that room moving onto the last one; finally I recognized it was the ideal room for me; there was no one in this room yet it clearly needed some work but in this room we sat down together and she eventually fell asleep on my shoulder and interestingly enough at the moment she fell asleep was the time I finally woke up and found myself back in the physical world and left me wondering … what did it all mean? why did so many people from my past join me in that subconscious journey? and finally what could be the next chapter of what appeared to be the ideal start of a book. Or simply something to put me back on the right path in order to make that dream a reality however odd it might become.

A single mother in the Whitehouse? Challenging Teaching Today.

Last night once my eyes were closed, once rem sleep became apparent, a journey of the mind begin, finding myself at the Whitehouse but not immediately.

First I met up with her and her daughter and we started walking along apparently headed towards the Whitehouse. Along the way it seemed they got ahead where I could not clearly see. For some reason at this point I saw her daughter on a video losing control breaking toys and destroying things. In a later breaking new there was a story about the Presidents daughter dying from a rare disease, and then something about a mad cow disease breakout. It seemed like the earlier video of her losing control and breaking toys was related. Sadly I understood I could not linger long, so I continued onward along the similar path they were following.

Though I found myself delayed by what appeared to be a kick ball game and two boys were on the bench, I wondered why and found one of the other children had lost control and the ball rolled towards me and I captured it in a way a soccer player would and then for some reason kicked it around like a hackysack and those two boys were on the bench asked me “How did you do that?” I explained “its like kick ball in the sense you keep your eyes on the ball to keep it under control using the inside of the foot….” Before I finished the teacher came up to me and told the boys what I told them was wrong and then punished them by making an attempt to discredit me…I interrupted and out of pure dsgust mentioned “What the hell you teaching these kids?” As I learned through the earlier discussion woth the two of them they were on the bench because they improved on the technique, and that iconoclastic thinking they were benched. It reminded me of the old adage and excuse “Its the way it has always been done so why change it?” I walked away disgusted and frustrated realizing what the kids are being taught today is something from the past, from a different generation full of old views. To be punished for progressive thinking, in improving things for todays generation not the ones long passed.

I continued on picking up their path headed towards the Whitehouse, finally arriving after a bit longer, and took a look around noticing little aspects of the place, focusing on a white and brown cat out back and then saw a familiar face our cat Mona was also in the backyard, but seemed distant, removed from the setting and the place, just sitting out in the back clearly at peace and happy just observing as cats seem to do.

Finally my host arrived seemingly unaffected by her daughters death or simply not aware, truly was hard to tell. Though I did not see her daughter around, out of kindness I just put the thought asided and enjoyed the meal.

It was short and simple and afterwards I awoke to day dreary and rainy as it has been in Salinas took care of some things briefly then laid back down, and in this journey a new and seemingly separate dream came to mind…

Water As A Symbol in dreams

Water has long been thought of as a symbolic vehicle of expression for our emotions, feelings, and sensitivity. It is in fact, a perfect symbol for these as the forms it takes are so varied. Water is the same substance whether it is a still pool, a raging torrent, towering waves on the beach, or a dripping tap at home. With the same wide spectrum, emotions can range from sorrow, anger, jealousy and bereavement, to joy, excitement and love. Any kind of water image in a dream holds the potential to symbolize our emotions and our emotional needs, desires and capabilities.”

via The Complete illustrated encyclopedia of Symbols, Signs & Dream Interpretation.

Survival and Intelligence

“Do unto others as you would them to do unto you.”

– A lesson from a harp seal

A dream that made this clear is one which the message is repeated, through images and experiences the reinforced the clarity of it.

First the idea of survival makes itself clear in a place I have visited in previous dreams. A pond by one definition yet wholly more dangerous since it really is an inlet from the ocean. Only moving because no matter the cold it supports life beneath the surface. It is this life that even a seasoned day tripper must be very careful when travelling to the other shore so close yet just as dangerous for it is deep enough for a host of dangerous animals to reside within. It was also the shortest route across shore to shore, barely wide enough fo even a row boat to cross and slowgoing.

It was this place during the start of this dream I found my
subconcious self along a well beaten path heading too. The shortest and most direct path. Being aware of the danger I had an idea how to go about it, similar to times before and as I neared the launching point there was a difference. As I neared there was a large white animal (pic  (Baby Harp Seal via Treehugger) a harp seal, fully grown and matured, seemed to look at me as if warning me of what may be in the water. Initially I just returned the gaze preparing the boat to go across and all seemed well. When I looked back to the rock where I had seen the harp seal before he had disappeared most likely into the water for hunting perhaps. Once I looked up though a large brown body mass was coming at me, a leopard seal
(National Geographic – Leopard Seal) nearly capsizing the boat but held on he approaches again clearly wanting to tip the boat putting at mercy to him and the icy cold sea. It was at that point a strange thing happened, as the harp seal came to my rescue redirecting the leopard seals approach just long enough for me to reach the other shore. Shortly thereafter the harp seal swam away and the leopard seal went after easier prey.

What struck me was the intelligence the harp seal presented he passed no judgement instead he just did what he could to save a life while many of his relatives had lost there lives at the hands of human hunters, whose only objective was to resell their pelt because it fetched a high price on corrupt market, instead of appreciating these seals as sentient beings. Who would help a person without asking for an award but simply to understand by setting an example of saving one life it would be reciprocal and work both ways.

That was only the first dream of two each sharing a similar theme of both Survival & Intelligence.Though the second in this dream is people not animals, it still follows the idea of helping others to set an example to be followed.

Stay tuned for Part two in a later post…